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Business Leaders and Employers Welcome Confirmation of Mayorkas to Lead DHS

By February 2, 2021No Comments
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Business Leaders and Employers  Welcome Confirmation of Mayorkas to Lead DHS

WASHINGTON, DC — The Senate voted today 56-43 to confirm Alejandro Mayorkas to lead the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the first Latino and immigrant to lead national security. Mayorkas is also the first confirmed Secretary in nearly two years. 

His confirmation will bring reliable and experienced leadership to the agency as the country faces domestic and foreign threats. The agency is also tasked with  implementing DACA, TPS, and processing visas for a wide range of industries critical to our economic recovery.

Mayorkas enjoyed strong support of law enforcement, bipartisan former DHS secretaries, former President Trump’s DHS chief, and business leaders. 

John Rowe, Exelon Chairman Emeritus and American Business Immigration Coalition (ABIC) Co-Chair: “With many threats facing our nation, effective responses from our federal government are essential. Secretary Mayorkas is the right person for this moment. His leadership and track record are exemplary. He will help rebuild DHS and restore trust, rebuild and modernize DHS.”

Mike Fernandez, MBF Healthcare Partners Chairman and ABIC Co-Chair: “Secretary Mayorkas will hit the ground running and will work professionally and speedily to process a wide range of visas essential to our business community, including high-skilled, entrepreneur, agriculture, and temporary worker visas, DACA and TPS. Some of these visas have been threatened or severely reduced under the Trump administration, harming businesses and families alike.” 

Sam Scott, Ingredion Incorporated Retired CEO, and ABIC Co-Chair: “We welcome the confirmation of Secretary Mayorkas to lead DHS. His track record of competency and compassion speaks for itself. He will help ensure our nation’s businesses have the human capital needed to create jobs and grow the economy. The business community is looking forward to working with him to help our country repair and rebuild from the pandemic.”