Promoting common-sense immigration reform for the benefit of the people and economies of Arizona and the nation.

Arizona Needs Immigrants.

Arizona businesses are struggling to find workers in critical sectors like healthcare, home care, agriculture and construction and immigrants are the answer. With only 74 available workers for every 100 open jobs, Arizona needs immigrants in the years to come to fulfill Arizona’s booming workforce and economic needs.

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About ABIC Arizona

ABIC Arizona represents a growing and diverse set of businesses and business associations promoting immigration reform by working alongside agriculture, healthcare, educators, construction and hospitality business owners, organizations and community and faith leaders to unite diverse sectors to create jobs, grow the economy, and keep families together.

What We Do

ABIC Arizona unites Arizona leaders and employers in agriculture, healthcare, education, construction and hospitality with community and faith leaders in the fight for  common-sense immigration reform that addresses the needs of our workforce. ABIC Arizona facilitates conversations between those partners and government agencies in order to resolve issues that stand in the way of economic development.

Among our most recent major campaigns was our successful effort to not only get a voter initiative for in-state college tuition for Dreamers placed on the state ballot—but to get it passed, which we did in the November 2022 election. Our victory was led by a bipartisan group of leaders, organizations and fellow Dreamers, all of whom formed a coalition to address the importance of passing Proposition 308.

Snapshot on Arizona Immigrants

Arizona has an ever-growing population of immigrants, with about 13 percent of the state’s residents born in another country and 16 percent of residents native-born Americans with at least one immigrant parent. One in six Arizona workers is an immigrant. Work sectors like agriculture and construction depend greatly on immigrants. As business owners, taxpayers, and workers, immigrants are vital to Arizona.

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Meet Our Advisory Board

John Rowe

John Rowe

Chairman Emeritus
Exelon Corporation
Board Chair
ABIC Co-Founder
Josh Hoyt

Josh Hoyt

Founding Executive Director, Retired
National Partnership For New Americans
ABIC Co-founder
Al Cardenas

Al Cardenas

Former Chairman,
Florida Republican Party

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