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Arizona Senate Education Committee Passes Bill SCR1044 In-State Tuition for Arizona Dreamers

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Arizona Senate Education Committee Passes Bill SCR1044 In-State Tuition for Arizona Dreamers

PHOENIX, AZ — On February 16, 2021 in a 6 (yes) to 2 (no) vote SCR 1044 passed the Arizona Senate Education Committee in the 55th Arizona Legislative Session. This bill will provide in-state tuition to all students who graduate from a high school in Arizona, regardless of immigration status.

The American Business Immigration Coalition (ABIC) and ALIENTO  thank Sen. Boyer, Sen. Shope, Sen. Marsh, Sen. Gonzalez, Sen. Peshlakai, and Sen Pace for voting for the in-state tuition referral bill for Arizona dreamers. 

As business and community leaders in Arizona, we believe that all people who graduate from Arizona high schools, both public and private, should have the opportunity to enroll in an Arizona university or community college as an in-state resident. This bill specifically applies to all Arizona high school graduates, including our Arizona Dreamers who have lived here for at least 2 years and graduated from an Arizona high school. 

There are approximately 2,000 Dreamers who graduate from Arizona high schools each year. This legislation enables these students to pay their own way through college at the in-state tuition rate, preparing themselves to be self-sufficient, productive, contributors to our economy. For every college graduate earning a four-year university degree, the state averages a $660,000 return on its investment (College Success Arizona). ABIC and Aliento are joined by over 20 business, faith, and nonprofit organizations and leaders who are supporting this bill.  

Maria Dominguez, sophomore at Carl Hayden High School and dreamer, “I am grateful to the senators who voted today to help me further my education and become the first one in my family to attend college. I aspire to be a neurologist because I love the function of the brain and want to further advance what we already know about it. There are 2,000 Arizona dreamers who graduate from our high schools who are just like me and want to study, work, succeed and give back to Arizona.” 

Dallin Adams, ABIC’s Arizona Coalition Director,  “An educated workforce is essential to a strong and productive economy. This bill will make it easier for high school graduates in Arizona to pursue college degrees, raising their incomes and tax contributions, and stimulating our economy to the benefit of all.”

Reyna Montoya, founder & CEO of Aliento and DACA recipient, “today Arizona celebrates a great step forward in ensuring we are supporting our students ability to go to school and realize their potential. This will not only help our students achieve their educational dreams but will support our state in achieving our college attainment goals.” 

Sol Trujillo, Former CEO of US West, “Employers recognize the economic contributions Dreamers make to our state and country as well as the dramatic need that we have for young, vibrant and entrepreneurial talent.  We recognize their importance in growing our economy, and we applaud Senators Boyer and Shope for leading on in-state tuition to protect the more than 20,000 Dreamers that call Arizona home. This is a bipartisan issue that requires support from all corners of AZ leadership.”


The American Business Immigration Coalition (ABIC) promotes commonsense immigration reform that advances economic competitiveness, provides companies with both the high-skilled and low-skilled talent they need, and allows the integration of immigrants into our economy as consumers, workers, entrepreneurs, and citizens.

ALIENTO is a nonprofit leadership organization based in Arizona with a national reach that transforms trauma into hope and action with the dreamers, immigrant community, and allies through arts & healing programs, leadership development opportunities, and advocacy.