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ABIC Statement on President Biden’s Inclusion of Immigration Reform in the Build Back Better Framework

WASHINGTON, DC — Today the White House released President Biden’s framework for the administration’s Build Back Better legislation which includes $100 billion for immigration reform. 

The following is a statement by Rebecca Shi, Executive Director of American Business Immigration Coalition (ABIC):

“ABIC applauds President Biden and the Democratic Leadership for including immigration reform in the budget bill framework. This framework underscores what businesses, immigrant workers and voters across the nation understand: The economic need for immigration reform is urgent and too great to ignore.

Businesses are suffering and need more workers. The immigrant workers who currently have more tenuous temporary permits are living and working with uncertainty in an environment of unpredictable politics, courts and administrative rulings. Families fear being separated by needless deporations, businesses need a permanent workforce and U.S. voters, even Trump supporters, are frustrated by inaction and continue to support pathways to citizenship for immigrants who are contributing to our economy, as we saw in the recent ABIC poll.

“Now that President Biden has officially included immigration reform in the Build Back Better package, we urge  Congress to produce solutions and ensure immigration reform is included in the final package.”