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The American Business Immigration Coalition (ABIC) Praises President Biden for Commitment to Getting Immigration Reform Passed in Upcoming Budget Reconciliation Legislation

Biden’s Steadfast Commitment Places Immigration Reform Alongside Other Issues as an Urgent National Priority

WASHINGTON, DC — In a major boost to the effort to pass long-waited immigration reform legislation, President Biden in a meeting with House and Senate immigration leaders last night threw his support for doing so in upcoming budget reconciliation legislation now being crafted by the White House and House and Senate Democratic leaders.  President Biden’s commitment to support legislation in reconciliation to provide pathways to citizenship for Dreamers, TPS recipients, farmworkers and essential workers places immigration reform alongside health care, childcare, infrastructure and combating climate change as among the nation ‘s most pressing and urgent priorities for families and our economy.  In response, ABIC released the following statement. 

“We could not be more elated by President Biden’s commitment to pass critical immigration reform legislation along with other vital national priorities in budget reconciliation,” said Rebecca Shi, ABIC’s Executive Director.  “There’s no immigration organization in the country that values its bipartisan membership and its effort to pass reform on a bipartisan basis more than ours but Dreamers, TPS recipients, farmworkers and essential workers have waited too long and for the good of our economy and for families we simply have to get this done and reconciliation is our best and most immediate shot to do so.  Thankfully, President Biden and the Democratic congressional leadership agrees that the time to act is now.”

In a recent report by CAP and the University of California, Path to legalization, as the Budget Reconciliation proposes, would bring significant benefits to the nation’s economy from increased GDP, spur new job growth, and raise the wage floor for all American workers. Legalizing workers would add a cumulative $1.5 trillion to U.S. GDP over a decade and create more than 400,000 new jobs.  

The American Business Immigration Coalition (ABIC) promotes common sense immigration reform that advances economic competitiveness, provides companies with both the high-skilled and low-skilled talent they need, and allows the integration of immigrants into our economy as consumers, workers, entrepreneurs, and citizens.